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Teen Summer Programs

Teen Summer Programs

Student Camp & Trip Advisors can help a teen wade through the hundreds of programs that they may discover on the internet. We are professionals who have been matching teens with appropriate teen summer programs for almost 40 years. There are many types of teen summer programs activities that are available. The locations reach to distant places all over the world or are close by in the US or Canada. Look what a teen can do!

TEEN CAMP: For a teen, it can be intimidating to enter a traditional overnight camp as a new camper. Most of the campers have been attending for many years. Longstanding friendships have been established. Relationships with staff and familiarity with surroundings exist. For this reason, teen summer programs have been created. These coed camps offer free choice of activities and provide social interaction within a supervised environment.

COMMUNITY SERVICE is available all over the world. Reach out to communities in need on every continent. Take part in worthwhile projects in the US and abroad. Volunteers may participate in construction assignments, tutoring, trail reconstruction, social agency projects and so much more. Projects are based on the stated needs of a village. Participate in teen environmental, ecological and conservation projects; work with children, families, or the elderly. If you possess an open heart and mind, a sense of adventure and adaptability community service may be right for you.

SCHOOL PROGRAMS are available in the US and Abroad, on college and private school campuses. Check out college life and explore various areas of study at your chosen level of intensity. Some learning is for enrichment and is recreational; some includes teen homework and requires prerequisites. SAT prep is often offered. All the sports facilities and gyms are open to teen summer students. On campuses in Europe, language skills are introduced and reinforced. These programs offer cultural immersion and touring. Some language study programs are paired with home stays with carefully chosen local teen families.

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