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Teen Summer Camp

Teen Summer Camp

These teen summer camp are just what teen are looking for. You will be in a coeducational environment, which creates a wonderful social setting. Most sports activities and games are single sex, but there are times when boys and girls compete together. Meals are usually together as are trips and socials.

In traditional teen camps for younger children, schedules are created in advance for individual campers. These young campers are encouraged to try a wide range of activities so that they will be able to figure out what they love and what they do not. The stress is on the experience not on the skill. But, you will be treated like the mature person that are. They will choose many activities, demonstrating ability to make decisions that are right for the teen.

Are you a teenager who has never been to overnight teen summer camp? Maybe your family has a summerhouse at the beach, on a lake or in the mountains. Maybe friends have been built in around these locations and you never wanted to leave this environment. Perhaps none of your friends at home went away and your summers were great just "hanging out" with these school pals.

But, things change. Now you find yourself wondering what may have missed. Now friends may be going in other directions and need something exciting and different to fill teen summer. But, now you're older, you're wondering if it's too late for you to jump in and take advantage of the camp experience. Is first teen summer camp only for young children? Is there a place that would feel comfortable for teen?

The answer is a resounding YES! At Student Camp and Trip Advisors we have many camps in our portfolio that are designed particularly and specifically for teens, ages 13-17. Will a teen feel out of place as a new camper? They will not. These will feel welcomed and included because all of the teen campers are teens and in the exact position that you are in.

Most are coming into teen camp for the first time and those who are returning have only been there for a season or so. Everyone is eager to make new friends and create a special bond that comes from living together in a beautiful setting and sharing this tranquil and idyllic summer community.

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