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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Camps are for boys and girls ages 8-15. There are a wide range of camps with a wide range of styles to suit the needs and requirements of every child.

Traditional camps vary in size, character and emphasis just as much as the campers who attend. Camps may be All-Boys, All-Girls, or Coed. Sessions range from 2 to 7 weeks.

    Camps feature activities such as:

    Waterfront - swimming, boating, sailing, waterskiing
    Sports - basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, golf, tennis and more.
    Arts - creative arts and performing arts.
    Horseback Riding - English or Western style, stable management, dressage.
    Outdoor Living - sleeping under the stars, taking overnight hiking trips, nature study.

Camps offer a rustic setting or a more manicured setting. In which would your child thrive? Camps may stress waterfront over sports or arts over waterfront? Which suits your child best? Where would you like this camp to be located? Our portfolio contains hundreds of camps in every section of the US and Canada. Would your child do better in a competitive or non-competitive environment? Do you want to be able to drive to the camp or can your child fly?

Short-term sports clinics are available for a child who wants instruction and practice in one specific sport. Also, there are camps that specialize in particular skills such as theater, tennis, creative arts or a variety of sports.

Is your child independent and mature? That child would do well in a camp where he has the opportunity to choose his own schedule. He would also do well on a large campus with hundreds of campers. Does your child need more direction and a warm, nurturing environment? This child would thrive in a smaller camp, where the schedule is chosen for her and she would know exactly what to expect each day.

Does all this seem confusing? There is a tremendous amount to sort through when choosing a camp. So much more goes into the decision that location or size. That is where Student Camp and Trip Advisors can be an invaluable resource. We are professionals. Because we have been doing this job and advocating for children for over 37 years, we are "The Deans of the Camping Industry." All of our branch reps join the Boston team and travel every single summer.

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