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Forever memories ...that’s what a great summer camp experience creates. Twenty-five years from the summer of 2013, men and women will be looking back, fondly remembering the special times they had at “their” camp. They’ll be able to conjure up the feeling of sitting around a campfire on a hot summer night listening to ghost stories or singing camp songs with their friends. They’ll see the shadows and designs that the reflected fire creates on the faces of the other campers.

No matter how much time passes, eyes still light up when campers think about the excitement of

  • singing in a talent show
  • hiking in the mountains and sleeping in a tent under the stars
  • hitting a home run for the camp team
  • getting up on water skis for the very first time
  • controlling the tiller as you sail around the lake with your friends

And all this away from home with new best friends and under the caring supervision of experienced and warm counselors, instructors and director.

The very best part of camp are the friendships made. Camp is about new skills and independence, but most of all it’s about friendship, sharing and caring.

All camps are not the same. Some emphasize sports while others emphasize arts; some emphasize waterfront activities and others stress outdoor living. Some have 2 week sessions, others 8 week sessions. But no matter what the specialty, the goal is the same: to have fun and make friends in a safe, nurturing environment.

All camps are not the same. Some emphasize sports; others emphasize arts; some emphasize waterfront activities and others stress outdoor living. Camps sessions can range from 2, 3, or 4 weeks to 8 weeks. But no matter what the specialty or length of time, the goal is the same: to have fun and make friends in a safe, nurturing environment.

When those wonderful camp years come to an end, the opportunities for fun and adventure for teens are only beginning. Today’s teens have interests that are so diverse and varied that they often participate in more than one program in a summer. At Student Camp and Trip Advisors we call it a “Mix ‘n’ Match” Summer . Here’s what is very HOT with Teens for 2006.

    They got a glimpse during the Olympic Games and teens want to experience the natural beauty of the Land Down Under. Australia provides the perfect setting for exploration and environmental study.

    Teens are passionate about protecting their environment. Programs with environmental components are increasingly popular, whether in South and Central America’s rainforests, the islands in the Caribbean, the American Southwest or Africa.

    In order to function better in today’s world, teens need to know more than one language. In addition to practicing and improving French or Spanish language skills, teens learn another country’s culture by living with a family or studying at a school or university in Spain, Mexico, or France.

    Projects around the world provide opportunities for service to people in other cultures. Teens care. They want to get involved. These projects often provide a setting for using French, Spanish or Chinese. Teens may:

    • Construct a clinic or day care center
    • Build housing for the elderly or a children’s playground
    • Tutor children to improve English language skills

    And many other exciting and worthwhile projects.

    After a fulfilling, workfilled morning, afternoons are spent playing sports, hiking or rock climbing, windsurfing or SCUBA diving or a variety of other wonderful activities.

    In all of these, teens get to experience the joy of giving and a great sense of accomplishment. They feel so wonderful about what they are able to contribute. They begin to understand the lives of communities and families living in impoverished conditions. living under difficult conditions. They begin to realize the serendipitous nature of life.

    In all of these activities, teens gain respect for the environment, for nature, for other races, religions and lifestyles.

    They take the first steps in building a better world.