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Guidelines for Community Service in the USA

COMMUNITY SERVICE WORK PROJECTS are a phenomenon of the new millennium. Teenagers of today are ready, willing and able to share their skills and time with communities that are in need of their help.

The ability to adjust and adapt will allow you to truly understand and contribute to another society. If you are well prepared and understand the challenges that await you, community service will be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences that you will ever have!

ADAPTABILITY is the key to your success. Be ready for anything!

LODGING: Companies make every effort to provide you with suitable housing during your stay. Your accommodations will range from camping out to dormitory living to bunking in a community building. Be prepared to adjust to whatever lodging is presented.

PROGRAM: Whatever you do will be helpful and worthwhile. However, be aware of the differing types of work in which you will participate.

Are you interested in hard, physical work? Activities may include clearing trails, building a home or community center, repairing or rebuilding fences, and a range of other challenging physical activities. Is this what you want to do? You may be interested in having more direct contact in your work with the people of the community, a specific segment of the society. Reading to children at a day care facility, accompanying the elderly on a day trip, and helping with the intake at a health care facility are among the choices that may be offered. Interaction with social agencies may be the way you choose to participate.

Your service project usually occurs in the morning and early afternoon hours. Late after-noons and evenings are devoted to relaxation, socializing, and outdoor and recreational pursuits.

LOCATION: Where will you be happiest in your leisure time? Climbing a mountain, rafting a river, hiking and biking in the plains? Consider these when choosing a program.

Above all, participate in a Community Service Project not because it is popular, not because it will look good on your college application, but because you have compassion and a commitment to the people.