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COMMUNITY SERVICE WORK PROJECTS are a reflection of modern social consciousness. Teenagers of today are ready, willing and able to share their skills and time with communities that are in need of their help.

The ability to adjust and adapt will allow you to truly understand and contribute to another society. If you are well prepared and understand the challenges that await you, community service will be one of the most rewarding, exciting experiences that you will ever have!

ADAPTABILITY is the key to your success. Be ready for anything!

LODGING: Although companies make every effort to provide you with suitable housing during your stay, often the best there is to offer is not the kind of accommodations to which you may be accustomed. It will be hot,and there may not be modern bathroom or shower facilities. There may be one bathroom for the entire group.

FOOD: You will eat as the native population eats. You may never have eaten the type of food that is available.

PROGRAM: The service projects, although planned months in advance, may not be the ones in which you actually participate. Companies plan summer work projects with local social service agencies who are unaccustomed to working with Americans. Problems can arise and sometimes the needed service changes. You may have planned to work with the elderly and end up building a day care center. Be FLEXIBLE. Whatever you do will be helpful and worthwhile.

WEATHER: Be prepared for extremes. Afternoons and evenings,most companies allow for some time for swimming and socializing.

LANGUAGE: Try to apply to a country where you know a bit of the language. There may be a barrier if you do not speak the native language at all. You may be frustrated if you cannot understand what is being spoken around you. PERSEVERE. You will pick up so much by being open and listening.

Above all...

Participate in a Community Service Project not because it is popular, not because it will look good on your college application, but... because you have compassion and a commitment to the global community.